Pick Your Decorating Style
One of the most modern and popular interior design styles around world. This style aims to use minimal decor and furniture to create sumptuous comfort and full functionality. Neutral and clear colour pallette normally works well with this style,
This style suits the people who enjoy a really neat living condition or like to have a 'clear out'.
Although there are differences between contemporary and modern, but these two styles are frequently interchangeably used. Some typical modern elements, such as metal, glass or leather, and new material are often used to decor or present on furniture.
This style suits the people who like simple decor but also want personality.
Traditional as one of the three major decoration styles literally contains the history of every piece of furnishing. There are some elements of traditional look, such as symmetry,dark woods, decorative elements and larger scale furniture. On nowdays, also some modern and designed elements are renovated this style.
This style suits the people who prefer more vintage and homey style.


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