Cost Management
Echo-Studio Australia provides project planning, programming, estimating, quantity surveying and project management services to all clients in the building, civil and infrastructure industry.
1.Quantification & 3D Take Off

Echo-Studio’s professional estimators deliver detailed, professionally measured quantities through the evaluation of documents provided, thereby assisting tenderers in defining the scope of the project, thus helping to obtain realistic and comprehensive bids. For Echo, communication is essential. We stay in close contact with variations throughout the design and construction phase and efficiently update Bill of Quantities (BoQ) accordingly. It is the clients' call on the format, free to choose from our extensive BoQ format database or customized format.

2.Project Management & Procurement
Echo-Studio can provide experienced project managers to help clients manage the whole project from feasibilty study phase until project completion. Echo-Studio can also offer a full procurement process of target projects by hunting the most optimistic options and making informed procurement decisions with deep understanding of potential risks in the buying activity, thereby avoiding unnecessary trouble.Once the bids are received from contractors/trades, Echo will undertake a thorough analysis of the proposals, and provide professional advice of the most suitable one to work with the project. Once the decisions are made, we thereby complete the Purchase Order ensuring all parties are on the same page and bonded with legal documents.
3.Tender Documentation & Evaluation
Successful bidding relies on the quality of document preparation. Outsourcing tender preparation is one of the most cost-saving strategies in reducing overhead as it usually takes time-consuming efforts. Our team of professionals are here to take over all associated tendering works and proceed with strategizing a move for winning in the competitive bidding process. To achieve the goal, we will assign an experienced bid manager, who will oversee a bid process and be responsible for all submissions through constant communication with your team.

Echo Studio’s tendering professionals provide services in the tender evaluation process on behalf of developers based on three principles: probity, fairness and value for money. Weighted criteria assessment will be carried out to recognise tenderers with better performance.

4.Independent Estimating & Assessment
Most projects have been facing challenges from budget overrun; a predictable cost is essential throughout the project phases for management to make informed and sensible decisions. Echo Studio will comprehensively assess site conditions and option-specific scope of work to form a cost estimate for each option. First principle estimating will be applied where possible in order to determine the costs for construction tasks.

While receiving various bidding documents, it can be hard to decide which contractor would be the best fit as it is not always the right choice to automatically select the cheapest one, especially in this unpredictable industry environment. It is highly recommended to engage Echo Studio as an independent third party to offer an unbiased estimation of the cost of works and review job order schedule for all associated scope of the proposal, thereby to check if there are any potential opportunities or risks prior to a project commencement. Compared outcomes will be documented to ensure our evaluation process is shared with the clients to make informed decisions.