Tender Evaluation Service

2022-05-02 18:15

With the consistent cost increase in the constructionmaterial and labour, choosing the right contractor for projects becomes moreand more critical recently regardless of the project sizes. Tender evaluationis a professional process of assessment to be undertaken to identify the preferredtenderer.

In the past, people might simply pick up the lowest-pricebid for small projects, however, it may not result in the best value tenderbeing selected. As a cost management consulting firm, Echo-Studio has a comprehensivetender evaluation system to identify the tender that meets the client’s needs andoffers the best value for money. We understand that every client has their ownneeds, priorities, and definition of value, so we work closely with the client towork out the customized selection criteria for each project.


Typically, assessments might consider some of thefollowing criteria:

1.     Pricing.

2.     Experience.

3.     Scoping.

4.     Past performance.

5.     Technical skills.

6.     Resourceavailability.

7.     Management skillsand systems.

8.     Proposedmethodology.